Goodbye 2017

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In 2004, I had my first job in racing down at Pond House. A Christmas present that year was my very own racing hat silk (I never knew then, they would become my official racing silk colours). 13 years have … Read More

Merry Christmas

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I would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas from all at Katie B. Frisby Point to Point and Equine Services.


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Bella’s Clipping Services┬áspent the morning clipping the pointers and Bodey. A massive thank you for coming as I just couldn’t find time to do them all myself. Bodey was the best behaved as expected, Barrington just got too excited for … Read More

Back into training!

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This week two horses went back into training after spending time on their holidays with me. Bodey has gone back home for a busy few weeks of pole clinics and lessons before returning to me during the festive period. We … Read More

McTimoney treatments for all.

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With the rain lashing down this morning, it was the perfect day to have Sarah Deeming Mctimoney in to treat everyone before she goes off to Australia for Christmas. First up there was only one little lady it could be, … Read More

Lovely reviews from owners!

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I have received two lovely reviews recently. Thank you ladies. One owner had a horse with me that has just recently returned home after recovering from a fetlock injury and the other owner has a horse currently on Rehabilitation Livery … Read More

Isolation Quarters

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The big job over the summer was to pull down the old isolation quarters and replace it. It was an old barn and very close to falling down. Thanks to Graham and Dad the new stables look great and I … Read More

Goodbye King!

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I said goodbye to King today as he went back home. He arrived to me on Rehabilitation livery at the beginning of August, due to his joint capsule coming away from his fetlock joint. What a fabulous horse he is, … Read More

Are they Star proof boots?

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I have never known a horse go through so many pairs of over reach boots, having tried every kind. Star wears them every day for exercise and turn out. Today she tried her new Kevlar over reach boots on. Kevlar … Read More

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