Are they Star proof boots?

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I have never known a horse go through so many pairs of over reach boots, having tried every kind. Star wears them every day for exercise and turn out. Today she tried her new Kevlar over reach boots on. Kevlar … Read More

New shoes for all

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New shoes all round! King had his first set since his accident and was looking alot happier for it. Tarquin, a true gentleman as always and Starlette is growing up, no longer does she need to stay in her stable … Read More

Snoozing Starlette

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Farrier was in this morning so all had their feet trimmed and new shoes on. Flies are very bad this afternoon which meant only one thing….. Time for an afternoon snooze. The snoring has just started.

Doncaster Sales

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An early start this morning saw me head up to Doncaster Sales today to give a helping hand to my old boss. There were some great looking horses ranging from National Hunt, Point to Point and Stalls horses. It was … Read More

Rainy Day

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We did need the rain, but not all at once! This meant it was wet play today for them all, as the fields looked more equipped for ducks rather than horses. This afternoon I was able to get most of … Read More