Equine Services

We send regular updates on your horse’s progress and encourage owners to visit and interact with their horse. You will be welcomed anytime to the yard, the kettle is always on and on race days everyone is welcome at the lorry for a picnic.  The yard has frequent visits from physiotherapist, dentists, farriers and veterinary specialists with regular access to a weigh bridge. Alongside Thoroughbreds all other breeds are welcome on Box Rest, Rehabilitation or Rest and Recuperation Livery

Point to Point / Hunter Chasing

All point to point and hunter chase horses are trained as individuals. Whatever grade of horse they are, they are all treated with the most respect. Each horse under Katie’s care is trained on a one to one basis, to meet the needs of each individual horse. Training regimes are specifically tailored and designed with each horse’s strengths and weaknesses in mind, every day can be different or have more of a routine this depends what the horse requires, which is one of the benefits each horse receives from being on a small quiet  yard. Our aim is to train them so they are fit, healthy and happy, schooled, educated and prepared to race.

Shares for the Stars and Diamonds Racing Club are available, but we also welcome new syndicates to the yard.


We offer high veterinary knowledge and facilities to deal with horses on rehabilitation which include paddocks of various sizes and a quite lane to perform the in hand walking. We have nursed many horses back to full training from different injuries that they have sustained, injuries ranging from tendon, ligaments and backs, to fractured elbows and pelvis.

Please read about our rehabilitation successes on our Rehabilitation and Box Rest page.

Salt Therapy

Salt therapy is a non-invasive air-based treatment which uses salt, a powerful antibacterial and anti-inflammatory mineral to relieve both respiratory and skin conditions. Salt therapy has been used to treat similar humans ailments for over 150 years in treatments such as saline nebulisers. Salt therapy is 100% natural and drug free. This does not replace veterinary treatment but is a excellent natural complementary or natural alternative therapy. In some cases, it has reduced the need for antibiotics. It is FEI & BHA legal and, therefore, can be used on competition days if required.

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Box Rest 

The quiet setting of the yard is an excellent environment for horses on box rest. All of our stables have rubber matting on the floors which reduces the risk of further injury. They have a window overlooking the paddocks and all-weather track, so the horses have always got something to look at, company and something to keep their minds busy

Rest and Recuperation

If your horse needs a break from their normal routine, be it in racing or any other discipline  or if just a change of scenery is needed, stabled overnight and out during the day all horses would be given the attention required.

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