Rehabilitation and Rest

The yard is ideal for horses on box rest, rehabilitation, rest and recuperation livery; it’s a very quiet yard which allows horses to settle really well into a nice routine.

Here are a few of the horses that have been helped along their recovery path by Katie.

Unnamed 4yr old – x Thoroughbred
Injury: Muscle damage in hind quarters. With plenty of road and hill work, strength of the top line and hind quarter muscles increased. Left to go to a professional eventing yard.


(Owner’s Discretion) – Bred Unknown

Injury: Suspensory Ligament damage. Came to me on box rest, started walking out in hand increasing the time out. Started ridding and introduced trot. Once back cantering left to continue training as an eventer.


Danfazi – 4yr old Thoroughbred

Injury: Fractured knee in two places. Came to me at the 5 minute walking stage, continued walking increasing up to 30 minutes. Introduced turn out into a small area. Vets didn’t give him a positive recovery and with their surprise left me trotting sound and able to be turned out in a large field. Dan was due to come back to me in the summer to start back his riding work but due to very sad circumstances fractured a hind leg back at his livery yard and was put to sleep. Our condolences to his owner.

  “Excellent service,highly recommended for rehab livery. Very pleased with the care that was taken of my horse whilst he was with Katie. Regular updates,photos & videos, nothing was too much trouble. Would 100% use Katie again for rehab (hopefully situation won’t arise again!) Thank you”

Tarquinius – 13yr old thoroughbred
Injury: 70% tear in his medial oblique ligament which runs between his fetlock and hoof to stabilise the foot. The injury occurred whilst Tarquin was running at Cheltenham in April. After 6 weeks on box rest with a Robert Jones cast on, walking out commenced just for a pick of grass to start with and increased over time to what he was comfortable doing. Once at the 30 minute walking stage trotting in hand was introduced. Trotting was a real struggle at first but with time and patience, once ridden walking and trotting continued. He is having a break over the winter period and will start light work again in the spring.


Fergal Mael Duin – Thoroughbred

Injury: Had a heavy fall at a racecourse over fences and was taking along time to recover from. He joined me for rest and rehabilitation. I am very pleased to say he went back into full training with a National Hunt trainer and won his first race back after injury.


Humbug – 6yrs Sports Horse 

Injury: Hind suspensory problems. He came to me at the 10 minutes walking in hand stage after he was unable to settle in this routine at his livery yard. After a course of shockwave therapy, restricted turnout and controlled exercise Bug was given the all clear and returned home to continue his training  and strengthening work ready for the dressage session ahead.


Oakley – Cob

Injury: Fractured Elbow. Her injury was sustained in the field. After a long time on box rest (nearly 6 months with no operation) her owners decided to send her to me for her last month on box rest, ready for the walking out in hand stage as soon as the x-rays are clear. She has made a full recovery and is now back with her owners enjoying being back in work.

       “Katie looked after our horse when she had fractured her elbow and was on box rest. I cannot recommend this yard enough, Katie kept us up to date with Oakley’s progress and helped us so much. Thank you.”


(Owner’s Discretion) – Thoroughbred 

Came to me for pre-training to see if a tendon injury sustained 12 months previously would hold up to training, emphasis was on road work walking and trotting to strength the tendon. Once cantering away the horse was sent to a National Hunt trainer to continue training.

     “Thank you for all your hard work, would definitely recommend you to anyone needing your services”


Wink Oliver – 4yr old Thoroughbred

His performance had declined on the flat and was in need of a holiday. He came to me over the summer of 2016 on Rest and Recuperation Livery. I am very pleased to hear he is back in full training and has won since his stay with me.


Bodey – Cob

Bodey came to me for a few months while his owner needed some time off. He was exercised and rode out a few times a week to keep him ticking over. Now back home his owner is looking forward to going on plenty of adventures with him during the year.

     “Katie looked after my boy Bodey for a few months while i had some time off. She kept me constantly updated on how he was. Looked after him to the absolutely highest standards. I never had to worry about a single thing. I totally recommend Katie!” 


Celtae Cavalier (Alfie) – 5 yr old 

Alfie joined me with a tendon injury. After box rest, walking out in hand, ridden and being turned out. Alfie was allowed back home to start his eventing career.

  “Thank you so much Katie, who has looked after Alfie following an injury. He has been very well cared for and Katie has kept me up to date with messages and photos along the way. I would highly recommend her services for rehabilitation.”


Rosie – 5 yr old  – Thoroughbred cross

Rosie has come to me for Rest and Rehabilitation Livery after she had damaged a ligament in her back. she has had a months rest and will start her rehab in the next week.


Ringo – Cob

After injuring his back he came to me for strengthening and conditioning work. Now back home with his owner looking forward to doing dressage over the summer.

      “Massive thanks to Katie for having Ringo for the past 5 weeks on rehab livery. He was very happy and settled whilst he was there and I didn’t have to worry about him. He has come back much stronger physically and is mentally very chilled. Very happy with the service and care that she has provided, thank you!”


Kettlethorpe Kingfisher 

King came to me on Box rest after sustaining an injury to his fetlock, having pulled the joint capsule away from the joint. He remained on box rest for the first two weeks and then was sound enough to walk out in hand for the next 6 weeks. He was then allowed out in a small paddock increasing in size over time, allowed to go home once leg strong enough ready for ridden work to start.

     “Katie did a great job looking after king when he injured his fetlock joint. from box rest, through daily in-hand walking to restricted turn out a period of 4 months she looked after King excellently, taking into account both our needs and quirks! lots of photo, videos and updates to make it easier for someone else to care for him day to day. the yard is very “low stimulus” which is ideal for horses that need to be kept quiet and calm to aid their recovery. thanks for everything you have done for us.”


Starpoint Vespera (William)

William came to me with a broken pelvis, he is currently doing 8 weeks crossed tied.

“Superb lady who is doing an amazing job of looking after William for me whilst he is on box rest. she is so accommodating to his and my needs, would recommend to anyone!”

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