Starlette goes into full training

2 years and 4 months ago an anxious, unsure of life 4 year old, little lady arrived on the yard and what a whirl wind it has been. Never giving up on her when everyone else had, we spent most of the first year at Chine House Vets trying to sort out and find a reason for her aggressive and flighty behaviour, it started with a scoop for Ulcers, then x-rays for kissing spine and then finally scans to see if she had tumours on her ovaries, which would have explain the stallion like behaviour, I am glad to say now nothing was found. Having gained her trust and confidence in Autumn 2016 she was cantering away ready to run in point to points during the 2016-2017 season, unfortunately she was struck down with a virus and at only 5 years old, she took a long time to get over it, which in turn we wrote off that season.

I have given her all the time and patience she has needed, she is not just a “normal horse”. I have seen so much ability and attitude in her and after a long and hard decision it was felt the right course was for Starlette to go into full training in Lambourn with Jo Hughes. This decision was made to give her the best experience in her learning process to becoming a racehorse and the best opportunities to reach her full potential.

I have worked so hard with her over the last two years and it has not been easy to get her to this stage, where I am confident to send her away to continue her education. She still belongs to the Stars and Diamonds Racing Partnership and I have visited her most weeks since she has been there. She seems to have settled in great, having had a few niggling issues in the first week but she is now cantering away.
A big thank you to all the members of The Stars and Diamonds Racing Partnership who have supported Star and myself throughout the seasons knowing she would not run as she needed time. David Bodge Annetts and DMA Horse Transport for putting up with her quirks during loading and travelling and giving an ear to listen, when I didn’t know which road to go with her next. Also thank you to Sarah Deeming for treating her from day one to allow her to become a great stamp of a horse she is today and to Sophie O’Connor for working so much with her getting the anxious unsure Star to the confident Starlette she has become.

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